Workshops  to Relieve Stress

and Build Communication Skills

Beth offers two workshops, providing experiential learning and resources for continuing development. Befriending Yourself is an introduction to mindfulness. Now You're Talking is a couple's workshop on communication. See details below, and sign up to attend!

Befriending Yourself:

A Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

When we are stressed, it is hard to stay in touch with options and possibilities.  Mindfulness is a skill and an orientation to life that allows us to reduce the “noise” and increase the “signal” inside our own minds – and to do so with a heart of friendliness and care. 


Mindfulness is being developed as a way to improve well-being at several university-based medical centers, including the University of Massachusetts, UCLA, UCSD, George Mason, and the University of Virginia. As the benefits of mindfulness have become known, people from all walks of life have taken up the practice, including U.S. Marines, business executives, people recovering from addiction, school faculty, parents and teens, among many others.


Befriending Yourself is a unique introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Drawing on top authors, Beth provides brief guided sitting meditations, a mindful eating experience, discussion about stress management, an introduction to Qi Gong, and resources to help you begin or maintain your own practice. 


One participant commented, “I left the workshop relaxed and in a much lighter mood, something I haven’t experience in months.”  Another wrote, “It was an enriching experience. I’ve been practicing breathing exercises at a work conference, and it is super helpful!” 


Beth has been trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, and offers an in-depth 6-week class in MBCT. She has given presentations on mindfulness at the Reston Chamber of Commerce, Inova Hospital’s CATS program, Virginia Tech, and Woodlands Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Schedule and Registration Information

Dates for 2017 - (choose one)


March 19   -   June 11  -   September 17   -   December 3


Time:           2:00 - 5:00pm

Location:    Beth’s office

Cost:            $75 per person


To Register:  Contact Beth at 703-975-2628 or complete the registration form and return via email to

Now You're Talking!

GPS for Difficult Conversations

You and your partner may dread having difficult conversations, whether the topic is parenting, finances, intimacy, past hurts, or growing apart.  Often, we avoid talking for fear of making things worse; or because every difficult talk seems to lead nowhere.  The ability to approach, rather than avoid, a tough topic is a skill and a cornerstone of lasting love and relationship stability.


Now You're Talking! is a 4-hour workshop for couples. It is designed to provide practical skills for communication that lead to deeper mutual understanding and effective problem solving. 


Beth brings a depth of training, knowledge, and experience to her workshop, including teaching the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) for many years.  Now You're Talking! coaches you to “plan your route” by preparing ahead of time for a talk with your partner.  It offers guidance for mapping the conversation – recognizing when it veers off course and needs correction in the moment, or even a "time out."  The workshop includes resources for structuring and slowing down your most difficult talks, to preserve safety and keep the conversation going.

"A wonderfully informative and manageable workshop!" one participant said. Another cited Beth as "a confident and engaging teacher." 

Schedule and Registration Information

Dates:         To be announced

Time:           The class will meet for two 2-hour sessions one week apart.

Location:    Beth’s office

Cost:            $250 per couple

Class Size:  Each class will be limited to 4 couples.


To Register:  Please call or email Beth for current schedule, and to                                             reserve your place in an upcoming class:                  or 703-975-2628