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Today you may be wondering if there is hope for your relationship, your goals, your dreams for the future.


As a marriage and family therapist, Beth Spring holds onto hope for her clients - people just like you - as you work together to address difficult issues.  That hope for her clients is grounded in years of experience working with couples and individuals stuck in distressing patterns or circumstances.  Seeing clients make progress and improve their lives, Beth is reminded over and over that everyone - including you - have untapped capacities for creativity and healing.


If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're ready to move in a new direction in your life, Beth Spring will show you how to achieve your goals.


Couples Therapy


You don’t have to be unhappy.  There is a way out of the patterns you and your spouse may be caught in, having the same arguments and saying the same things again and again.  Couples therapy can help you reduce conflict, reconnect, and rediscover the joy and love in your relationship.  Whether what is needed is fine-tuning or a major course correction, couples therapy can help partners work together to improve communication, resolve painful family issues and maintain a well-functioning, satisfying partnership.


Family Therapy


Family therapy doesn’t just refer to the traditional idea of Mom, Dad and children.   It is about the larger "system" and the many forms family can take.  Issues often addressed in family therapy include life cycle transitions,  chronic illness or disability, behavioral concerns, divorce, blending a family, and caring for older family members.  Whether you are about to begin a new family, want to address unresolved past issues, or manage a crisis, find out how therapy can guide your family toward the harmony you're hoping for.



Individual Therapy


When you are distressed, it helps to talk things out.  Often, our friends and family are important go-to people, but their opinions or ideas about fixing problems may not always be helpful.  Individual therapy offers a safe, neutral, and private space for reflection and exploration.  Goals may include setting boundaries, restoring self-confidence, and taking perspective on issues that feel all-consuming.

Teen & Pre-teen Therapy

Adolescents have challenges previous generations never dreamed of: sexting, cyber-bullying, instantaneous communication.  Therapy for teens provides a safe space for them to work on the main task of adolescence: defining who they are and what they hope to become.  A decidedly low-tech environment like therapy can offer respite and a chance to slow down, sort out options, and tune in to inner wisdom and direction.


“We continue to be so incredibly grateful for all that Beth did to help us.  We are excited to finally be grandparents! Significant events like this would certainly be very different for us had we not had the help that Beth provided us.”

Couple from Herndon, VA

"I cannot begin to thank Beth enough for all she did in such short order.  She played an instrumental role in making a family miracle happen for us."

Family from McLean, VA